Street Photography

Street photography is one of the most dangerous forms of photography anyone could want to pursue.

I started at a very early age, one of the first images I ever made was from a plastic camera bought from a mail order catalogue, the negatives being 120 developed in my wardrobe emptied out for the process, needless to say the appearance of that very first image on a piece of blank paper had me hooked for life.

What was that image? My mother getting in her Triumph Herald whilst still a learner driver, she gave me 10 shillings for the negative and print, although I sold the copyright, I made my first sale from photography way back in the early 60’s be it via blackmail, as she didn’t want my father to know she was driving illegally while he was at work.

Now days I tend to use a DSLR with zoom lens if I don’t wish to get to close to dangerous situations I may be recording, and for discreet shooting I use a Fujifilm X100F with a 50 mm teleconvertor on as it gives me the same perspective through the lens as what I see in reality.

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