My Street Settings

Fujifilm X100F

Fujifilm X-Pro3

I’m not going to list every setting in the menu, only the ones I changed to suit my style of street shooting, feel free to use them if they work for you.

First off I most always use the RAW file to process and only use the jpg for an idea of how it may look after processing.

In the X100F I have a 64Gb card unlike the X-Pro3 it only has one slot, so this makes up for the two 32Gb cards I use in the X-Pro3. On both cameras I have extended for file saving, there is nothing worse than being in the thick of things and having to change cards due to full cards, yep some say backup with one card, but I prefer it this way.

All my settings are based around speed of use, auto on all but aperture setting, this way I can control my ISO and shutter speed with the command wheels front and rear on both cameras without taking my eye from the EVF viewfinder.

So it’s ISO setting A in the pull up dial, shutter speed dial set to T, EV dial set to C, Command dial rear set to ISO, Command dial front set to shutter speed.

I turn all menu settings off so their is no accidental button presses and losing a shot, the X100F is a pain for this on the joystick, I nearly got shut of it because of the joystick and D menu, I carry my camera in the palm of my hand behind my back and found I was changing settings catching these two settings, till I learnt you can switch them off, which saved a lot of tears and mutters.

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